Stop! Before you consider paying for window tint classes or go to a window tint school discover how you can start your own window tint business at a fraction of the cost.

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From: Bob Rossignol

Bob Rossignol
The Window Tint King

Listen up. Window tinting is a high profit business. I cannot promise you will make even 1 penny in this business because I don’t know you and I don’t know how motivated you are. Besides, the FTC says it is a no no for me to make income claims.

All I can do is give you an idea of how much materials cost and an estimate of how long it takes to tint most vehicles.

So here is a hypothetical example only. The example shows you the profit potential based on a completely made up retail price. So let’s just say…

The average price to tint a car is: $150.00
Your material costs are about: $ 25.00
Your pre-tax gross profit would be: $125.00

When you’re starting out there’s a learning curve and it might take you a couple of days to tint a complete car. It depends on how fast you learn and how much you practice what I will teach you. But an experienced window tinter can tint 2-5 vehicles per day. Don’t take my word for it though. Call the tint shops in your city and ask them how much they charge for window tinting. Then figure $25-$35 in material costs (once you’re good and you’re not wasting a lot of tint) and you’ll get a good idea of the earning potential.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Fred Wilson has to say about this extraordinary business:

“In an 8-hour day, I can do at least 4 cars. The work is very enjoyable, I am happy, and I don’t have all of the pressure I used to have when I was a contractor. I really do enjoy myself. The training gave me very good instruction. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the training. To anyone who wants to get into this industry, I highly recommend this course. It has everything you need to be very successful.”

– Fred Wilson
Seattle, WA


Here Are A Few Advantages of Starting Your Own Window Tinting Venture From Your Home In Your Spare-Time…

You can learn at your own pace.

Start on a shoestring budget. You can get everything you need to start
for less than $295.

It is possible, though I can’t guarantee it, to make your entire
investment back with just two or three tint jobs. I don’t know of any other
business where that’s possible. Do you?

You can do this in your spare-time so you don’t put your job at risk.

Work from home. A shop is not necessary but you can get one if you
get too big. Check with your local government for compliance.

No outside office needed.

You will be able to work when you want.

You will have a skill that you can take anywhere you want.

All the “tools” you need will fit in a small toolbox that will easily fit in any car.

It’s a real business you can be proud of…not one of those businesses where you chase your family, friends and co-workers around.

No stupid meetings to go to at some hotel every week.

You could be eligible for huge tax deductions. (I’m not a tax consultant
nor am I giving tax advice here.)

Complete freedom to choose your own schedule, hours, and income level you desire.

Work Part-time or Full-time – If you have a full time job, work around
your schedule. You can simply schedule a small job after work or Saturday
morning to pick up easy extra cash money.

No diploma, degree or costly training required.

No age, gender or background requirements.

Great business for any man or woman in good general health.

Enjoy the satisfaction your customers express after you finish your work.

Get paid immediately at the end of every “retail job.”


After seeing the many benefits of owning your own window tinting business, you might be starting to “see the light”, but you might also be wondering…

“Why Do I Need Your Information?”

“Can’t I go get some window tint and a squeegee and do it on my own?”

Absolutely. You can certainly start that way, but why stumble your way into this business when you don’t have to? There are many challenges you would have to face.

Which suppliers do you use?

How do you find them?

Which ones should you run away from?

How will I learn how to tint?

And most importantly… How will you get paying customers?